Enriched by Code is the latest iteration on the “hidden ground” of Social Media.  The concept for this site arises from Ms. Sam’s deep understanding of sales communications and marketing process combined with a solid foundation in digital design and animation reaching as far back as 1984. In the late 1990′s Suzen shifted to observing how businesses use software applications for Sales and Marketing in order to enrich their offering—- or not.

Currently based in Lethbridge Alberta, Suzen choose the picture below as a good luck icon. It is an etching of a Buffalo on a silicon chip.  In Southern Alberta the Buffalo is considered sacred by the First People’s who gifted this land to the Europeans over 100 years ago. We who live in this landscape are deeply indebted to the First Nations Peoples of Canada for the beauty of the landscape alone. While the sad tale of the buffalo remains encoded in the mental landscape of that European encounter this chip art shows the intersection of our current economies in North American —- one of the manufacturing economy, which destroyed the Great Buffalo for its sinew in order to power the manufacturing machines and the other, the Information economy, which is powered by the silicon chip.  Just as the First Nations people continue to struggle to adopt and survive in the new world order we built around them, descendants of the Europeans who colonized this land must also accept that the age of mindless manufacturing is past and that a new age of Information, enriched by code, is now the hidden ground of the dominate culture of Technology. The effect of this new economy will continue to dominate our social, political and economic future. As McLuhan said “like fish in water we do not recognize that we live in an electronic media environment” nor do we understand the effects it has upon us.

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