Suzen started doing web site design in early 2000 when she launched her Animated Information Design company MyMetaMeme. ¬†At that time she knew some HTML and CSS but was focused on FLASH as she had already completed her training in Classical Animation. It was Suzen’s intention to create digital, animated information design in Flash. At the same time she was taught an introduction to Flash at The Bell Centre for Creative Communications in Toronto from 1996 to 1998.

While in Toronto from 2000 to 2010 she shifted her focus to Sales and Marketing. At first she sold websites for a web design and development company. From that experience she learnt that there had to be better way for small businesses to get a website up and be able to manage it afterwards, as websites need to have fresh content and great style in order to remain relevant to today’s consumer. Suzen learnt about content management systems and began to build sites in Joomla. Recently with the growing popularity of Word Press she has shifted into building WP site for her clients for it is an easy way for them to be upgraded to a “socialized” website – one that is quick to load, SEO compliant and which includes social media icons at the top right hand corner of the site as well a blog.

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