Suzen has been working with code since 1998. She completed her classical Animation training in 1997 just as Flash Animation software was rising to the fore front of digital graphics. She immediately jumped to learn Flash as she recognized the immense power of vectors over pixels in the way they were able to move smoothly through digital space.

At first she worked selling websites for other companies. From that experience, she knew that there had to be a better way for small businesses to have a website and manage the site’s need for fresh content and great style in order to remain relevant to today’s consumer. While she learned some basic HTML and CSS coding Suzen soon moved on to Content Management Systems as they allowed her clients, who were mostly small business owners, to manage their sites once they were launched without having to depend on the website designer for every little change.

Although Suzen can build content management sites in both Joomla or WordPress, the later has become the most popular for its ease of use. Should you desire to update your website and make it more social —Suzen can create a new one for you in Word Press that will enrich your business offer!

Socialized Word Press Website Quote

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