Over the last six months, Suzen has expanded her services to include 1-on-1 Enriched by Social Media Training for Business Owners by sharing her knowledge and her system of best practices and tactics for successful social media management. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands that the most successful business owners need to have a good understanding of Social Media in order to support its integration into their business organization, gain a competitive advantage and remain viable over the next few years. The adage of “working on your business and not in it” holds true for Social Media.  In order to extend or expand your leadership and vision for your business into the future Social Media training is required for increasingly it will fuel your Digital Marketing efforts.

Once you have completed your training you can decide if you have the time to do the social media yourself, or if you want to hand it off to one of your staff or if you want to hire, someone, like Suzen, who will manage it for you so that you can grow your social networks in the most efficient manner possible. For details on my Enriched by Social Media training program, one that works with your schedule,  contact Suzen today.