Question: What is the ROI on Social Media?

Answer: "What is the ROI on your Mother? " -- Gary Vaynerchuk

The fundamental attitude that a business must adopt to be successful in social media today is one of caring. While that might sound warm and fuzzy, it is a reality in the new networked economy far removed from the cold, calculating corporate world where human interaction has increasingly been cut back in order to automate as much as possible products that appear to be cheap but ignore the human toll and environmental effect of their bottom line economics.

Social Media is a new communications channel in which the initial experience is not unlike the days when businesses installed their first phone system. A considerable investment was required up front before the return occurred. You can have the best phone system installed but it is no guarantee that your phone will be ringing any time soon. You still need to execute your marketing and sales plan. Either you get on the phone and make the calls or you hire someone to do those dreaded sales calls. One thing is for sure, considerable time, money and energy is required in order to make your phone ring non stop. The new communications channel of social media has the added benefit of being accessible in real time. This means that as events, sales, promotions and opportunities taking place in your business they can be shared out to your network. The key to Social media is consistent communications, it’s “a marathon and not a sprint” but at least you don’t have to organize an email blast every time you have news to share!

Being Social means promoting not only your own business but others who have relevant content to share with respect to your market conversation. If you do this and your followers like the content you share they will, in turn, share it with their networks thereby expanding your reach and influence exponentially and increasing your sales incrementally just like the days when living in a small town meant that the local grocer knew your preferences and buying habits and would go the extra mile to make sure you got what you wanted for as he knew you would share your experience with others over the fence, which in turn would mean more business for him. Today, if you want to enrich the buying experience of your potential customer you need to be using social media!

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