While Creative has always been important in the world of Advertising and Entertainment, most small businesses tend to ignore it. All to often they do not even have a unique logo that represents their brand. In today’s world your brand message may evolve and be changed by your client’s feedback but a unique logo will serve as a touchstone for what you represent.

A good logo should be conceptual and like the best ideas for your brand imagery, message and compelling content they must be designed to work in conjunction with for your website and social media. Suzen was introduced to conceptual art when she first began her art school training at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary and has paid close attention to how successful brands online utilize concepts. Having strong concepts behind your creative allows you to communicate more than just the features of a product or service. It let’s you touch on the emotional aspect of buying, add to the social position of your offering and could potentially, if powerful enough, become the “holy grail” of your social media —- a viral piece shared by hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands online.

Suzen can assist you with conceptual creative — a key part of developing a sales and marketing strategy for your business. If you don’t have a strategy in place fill out the form below for FREE consultation that will help you to determine how your business can be enriched by code.

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